Make Money With Your Pickup!

Join the best network of guys (and gals) around. Work when YOU want, as much as YOU want, and on YOUR terms! We’re looking for a few Good Guys. Do you have what it takes to serve with PICKUP?

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Why Serve With PICKUP?

You and your truck/cargo van (Vehicle) are already a great team, and maybe you even have a trailer. Now you can use that relationship to put fast money in your pocket. Some reasons why pickup owners like to serve with PICKUP:

  • Make great money. When you drive for PICKUP you make at least $25 per run and pocket 100% of the tips. It’s possible to make up to $50 per hour. You already use your pickup to help friends and family. Now that can be turned into a profit opportunity.
  • Your time, your truck, your business.
  • Part time or full time. You can choose how much you work and can use PICKUP to fill in when you need some extra cash.
  • Great people. Customers who use PICKUP are very thankful that you’ve solved their problem. You finish a run knowing you’ve really helped someone AND you got paid to do it!

Basic Requirements

  • You are a good guy (especially firefighters, military, and first responders, women included).
  • You are at least 21 years old and legally able to work in the United States.
  • You are able to speak and write English.
  • You have a good driving record and can pass a background check (No Felonies, No DUI, etc.)
  • You own a full sized pickup truck in good, reliable working order (model year 2003 or later).
  • Your vehicle has current registration and meets State requirements for inspections, licenses, etc.
  • Your vehicle is insured to State minimum requirements.
  • You are physically fit (can lift at least 75 lbs. and perform basic loading and securement).
  • You own an iPhone or Android smartphone on a major wireless carrier.
  • If this is you so far, then let’s dig in to the details. Get started now by reviewing the Good Guy FAQs and completing your driver profile.


Live outside our current service area?

If you live outside the cities we currently serve and want to know when we expand our Good Guy network to your area, please click here to sign up.