Put the power of PICKUP in your pocket.

A Good Guy with a pickup to help you get more done.

A Good Guy with a pickup to help you get more done.

Deliver sofas – Sometimes you just need to take a load off. But that requires a place to sit. When you find that perfect sofa, whether at an estate sale, thrift shop, or furniture store (or you parent’s storage room) we can help you get it home. Most sofas are a perfect fit for a pickup bed and, as long as you have a helping hand at the pickup and drop off locations, one Good Guy with a pickup is all you need to the job done. Sleeper sofas and sectionals can be a bit more challenging and may require two Good Guys. So when you a little help or a lot, just tap the app and let our Good Guys take a load off without unloading your wallet.

Deliver mattresses – Your mother-in-law is coming for a visit (and that’s keeping you up at night), and you need a guest bed. Problem is, the mattress store says a delivery truck can’t be scheduled until next week and she’s arriving tomorrow. Never fear, our Good Guys are here. We’ll pick up at the store and drop off at your door. We can even help with setting up. To get the help you need at prices that won’t cause nightmares, just tap the app today, and you’ll sleep better tonight.

Deliver appliances – The right appliances can make your life so much better, but getting them delivered always seems complicated—and expensive. Thank goodness for our Good Guys with pickups.  Washers and dryers can easily fit on one pickup and as long as you have someone at pickup and drop off, in most cases one Good Guy can get help you get the job done. Larger appliances may require two Good Guys to get the job done. Just tap the app, give us the specifics and directions when you place your order, and we’ll arrange to have a Good Guy haul it on over.

Pick up at estate sales – You’ve just made the most amazing find at an estate sale, now you have to find a way to get it to its new home. Not to worry. Our Good Guys know their way around town, and around estate sales. Depending on what it is, you may need help disassembling, or an extra pickup or pair of hands if it’s heavy or if there are multiple items. We can handle that. Download and tap the PICKUP app, give the details, and we’ll be there in a jiffy. Not sure how much help you need? Drop a quick note to support@pickupnow.com and our friendly team will help you map out exactly what you need to get your items where you want when you want. Best of all, we deliver fast, with care, and your items are insured. All at a price as amazing as your newfound treasures.

Transfer inventory – If your inventory isn’t moving, you’re not making money. If you sell every item in a category quick you need to restock fast. At the same time, what sells in one location, doesn’t in another. Or maybe it’s just out of season and you need to clear it out. That may mean transferring products from warehouse or distribution center to store, one store to another, or store to warehouse for a closeout or tent sale. If you need to move it fast, just tap the PICKUP app, or give us a call and a Good Guy with a pickup truck is on the way, when and where you need them. We help businesses every day. Need potatoes from the supplier before than dinner rush hour? We’re ready to hit the road and deliver fast. You pay only for the one-way trip, and you get a helpful Good Guy to make sure the goods are transported safely and efficiently. Plus, your goods completely insured, at prices that won’t burn up your bottom line, or require you to use your staff to solve the problem.